The Pilates (pi-lah-teez) method, a system of exercises performed since the 1920’s is named after its creator, Joseph Pilates, a German Athlete (boxer and gymnast) who also studied yoga and martial arts. Originally termed “Contrology”, Pilates exerices encompass over 500 controlled, precise movements performed on a floor mat or special apparatus, designed to stretch and strengthen muscles without adding bulk. The Pilates method requires concentration, precise movements and coordinated breathing – strengthening both the mind and body.

The Pilates method exercises emphasize on the body’s core muscles (abdominals and back) and muscular-skeletal balance. It focuses on QUALITY OF MOVEMENT and works several muscle groups at one time. Chronic pain will be alleviated and you will gain a new sense of strength and control over your body. Your posture will improve and you will begin to move with more freedom and agility with pain-free ease.

Pilates exercises are non-impact so it is a system suitable for every age and gender; as well as athlete and individuals in therapy and recuperation.



Mat Energy –  Start the day energized with movements that awaken the senses and strengthen the body to face the challenges of the day.

Mat Flow –  Invigorate the body through a series of connecting and transitional movements that challenges the body and mind.

Mat FusionMat based work that emphasizes the upper and lower body by using a towel and working on standing balance.

Mat PropsSmall props (Pilates circle, ball, foam roller, resistance band etc.) are used to give resistance to challenge the stability of the body. 

Mat StretchFocus on getting a good “massage” to the body via stretching movements to the entire body. 



Reformer 0.5For those of us who wants to practice Pilates at a comfortable pace.

Reformer 1Work the entire body through a series of functional movements that will encourage your body physically and mentally.

Reformer 2Challenge yourself to a higher level of understanding of your own ability. Not for the faint hearted.