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Elsie is my second pilates teacher and she was recommended to me by a friend of mine. From the first session onwards I knew she was the right teacher for me. She understands the alignment of your body extremely well and advises the student in each session according to what that person’s body needs that day.She has excellent knowledge of physiology. The studio is very airy and has a welcoming feel as well. She uses necessary equipment in each session depending on student’s needs. She is also a very nice person to deal with . I must say if I leave Singapore it will be very difficult to find another pilates teacher as good as her and also with such a pleasant & thoughtful personality. She really cares about the wellbeing of her students. She goes out of her way trying to help. I will miss her a lot.

Sule Patrick Dewilde (Ms)

I have attended classes with Elsie for many years now and love her enthusiasm and passion for Pilates. This is the reason I keep returning and also why I recommend her to my friends. She is a gifted teacher, is very interested in her clients and helping them make small changes and improvements in their lives.

Fiona Maher O’Sullivan

Have been training with Elsie about a year and have found her extremely professional, knowledgeable and patient.

Miriam Bobat (Ms)

I joined Elsie studio upon arrivals in singapore. I wanted to discover Pilates. The studio is dedicated to Pilates with a lot of apparels , the team is absolutly fabulous, encouraging, dedicated to the trainees, making sure the poster is correct and you could feel it. Since then, i do Pilates 2 a week for over 5 years. This is part of my weekly routine. Thanks Elsie, Grace and Shirley.

Frederique Moreve